Sunday, January 12, 2014


 Oh how 2013 has followed me! This is a stack of the quilt sandwich and quilt tops that followed me into the new year! Three of these quilts belong to other people... so the push to finish them is very very strong...

My sister's birthday (February) quilt has changed to a graduation quilt which will happen in May. This project was the lucky winner today. I was able to appliqué four of the smaller hexagons in that salmon color today before being called away to other tasks. I've missed how happy this quilt is! The colors are so sweet and spring time.

There seems to be a change in the air... after feeling bad the whole month of December with different colds... it's a whole new year and I'm excited to get started on these projects again.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

A New Year... Some New Fabric... and a New Small Finish

2014 seemed to come so quickly! I've had to cross out 2013 on so many different papers this past week. It seems so unreal that a whole new year is here! 

I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed at my WIP list right now... do you ever feel like that? Well... lately it's been a bit oppressive lately... so I decided to finish a small mug rug I've been wanting to make for my dad for his bedroom. I was happy to be able to finally break into the Denyse Schmidt fabric I bought from here. 

My quilting lines are a bit wonky... but I love it. The imperfections in it make it seem like it's homemade... (is what I keep telling myself until I've finally reached the state of straight sewing that I really want to be at.) 

This small finish was such a nice feeling... so needed. I felt inspired to be able to get the courage to start on one of the four big projects currently in my pile.

On New Years Day Ross and I went shopping and I found these cute finds for the stash. I'm excited to use the hedge hog print in some patchwork... and the cute sea creature one is perfect backing for a new baby quilt I have floating around in my head. (I've already make it a point to start no new projects until two WIPs are off my table. So hopefully I'll be able to play soon!)

I'm excited for my new appliqué needles! (They haven't been in sock at my favorite local quilting shop in a while). I was also really excited to get a hera maker after seeing Chase make so many beautiful things with it!

With all these new fabrics and toys and inspired by new new small finish... I'm ready to tackle some of my larger projects.

Do you have WIPs in your pile that should have been done last year? What inspires you to tackle them?

Happy Sewing everyone!