Monday, June 29, 2015

Oh the places we will go!

We have been busy taking Liam to a lot of places that I grew up going to. It has been such an amazing experience looking at my familiar haunts through his squeals and fat baby fist pumps. Oh sweet boy how I love you so! 

If you are ever in the San Diego area I must recommend going to Seaport Village. It is such a nice place for walking and shopping!

My sister also introduced us to the indoor playground, My Kids Club House. Liam had so much fun in this little place. He really enjoyed playing in the kitchen area.  My mind is already whirling for his second birthday in which I want to get him this and set up an area for some dramatic play. It is never too early to start planning right?!

When Ross and I were relaxing at the end of the day  I asked him what his favorite part of the day was.  He answered with this big smile on his face, "being able to play with Liam." Oh my heart! It's moments like this when I realize how blessed I am. This sweet man works so hard and gives up so much so that I can be home with our son. I hope that I never take the time that I have to play and to teach and to create with and for our son for granted. Thank you thank you thank you!

We were invited to our friend's annual neighborhood Summer Fun party and oh how they know how to party! There was BBQ and ice-cream and soda and fireworks. The smell of sunblock mixed with grass and tangy BBQ sauce perfumed the air as we visited on throw blankets and watched the kids play. Oh summer how I love you!

 The evenings have been devoted to working on this little sampler. It is so nice to be able to slow down and stitch and remember about the blessings of the day. And oh how many blessings there have been! Is there anything better than this little boy laughing, and family, and good food and familiar and loved places? Oh summer I hope you go on and on and on!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Lions and Tigers and Bear Pillows oh my!

Taking Liam to the San Diego Zoo with my parents has to be hands down my favorite memory made from this trip so far. Everything about this trip was lovely. The home packed lunch shared in the shade with my parents, Ross' excitement about the animals, the time to walk and talk and share, Liam's big grin as he pointed at the flamingos. Oh summer vacation days - how you fill my cup with your goodness.

Liam came home with so many goodies. Presents from his Papa and Grandma. Oh how I loved watching them choose things for this sweet little boy. How Liam would choose between two things presented to him... how his little face would light up as he cuddled all of his new toys. Some for now and some for later - but oh what happy memories are attached to all of them!

Oh this book by Amy Simbaldi of NanaCompany... how I want to make EVERYTHING inside of you! A few cushions for Liam's birthday corner were on the list and now I have one down! Woo hoo! What an amazing feeling!

This pillow stitched up really fast! I finished it in about two days.  In mama time: 2 very long nap times, 2 early mornings, and 2 late nights. It was such a fun project to work on. The ears are what gets me. I think I play with the ears on this pillow at least twice every hour. Man how those ears get me!

The projects for Liam's corner are slowly coming together. The only things needed for his little corner now are one more pillow and his abc sampler. Oh how the stitches of this sampler makes me smile! This is my early morning project. I love stitching this with a cup of coffee steaming beside me while I  listen to the day begin. These is something so wonderfully soothing about handwork in the early morning or evenings. If I could have it my way I would stitch everything by hand.

Well - here's to bear pillows and Friday finishes! Oh what a wonderful time it has been so far!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A New Long Term Project

Oh these quick change trousers - I think they are my favorite pattern to sew for this little boy. This is my second pair, the first is still in Hawaii and yet to be blogged. That pair is reserved for his birthday (in two months, oh my!). But these San Diego adventure pants - oh they are finished! I blogged about them here and you can actually see him wearing them in an adventure here.

A new project was started out of my new love for garment sewing. You see those cute little nine patch blocks? Those are from scraps of the pants that I made for him. After adventuring into garment sewing, I can see how quilts emerged in history. Why it made sense to cut out fabric scraps in order to make a large piece of fabric. This project makes me feel so very connected to the past. And that is a wonderful and humbling feeling all together in itself.

I wanted to start a bit of a scrap project year book quilt. Anytime I make something for Liam, I want to take some scraps from that project and make a nine patch block. The goal would be to make a throw for our home at the end of it all. It is a selfish project, one entirely for us. A quilt to cuddle under (as the Hawaiian weather allows) and to remember the memories that each fabric has attached to it.  I hope to post every month the nine patch blocks that I make and then to sew them up at the end of the year.

Would anyone be interested in joining me for making a scrap project year book nine patch quilt? Comment and let me know! =)

Happy Sewing everybody!

Monday, June 22, 2015


Reflecting. I've been doing a lot of that while here in San Diego. My thoughts lately have been seeing those that I love and grew up with through new eyes - through Liam's eyes. And when I see the circle of people that love and nurtured me into who I am today - I am so humbled by their generosity of time and attention. It makes me wonder if I am giving the same time and attention to those in my circle back home. Oh how I hope that is the case!

 Growing up there were many people who influenced my adult life. Models that I took after reflecting upon what type of adult, wife, or mother I wanted to be.  I got to meet up with a special family during our visit in San Diego, friends that I grew up with. My friend is actually the one that introduced me to sewing. I made skirts one afternoon with her. We went to the fabric store, bought fabric and a pattern and made two skirts. I don't know where those two skirts went - but oh the memory is lasting in my mind.

Even in the midst of a bustling city - this place has been a sort of refuge for me. A place where we gather around and catch up on life over tea and biscuits. A place where we gather to sing and figure out harmonies. A place to cuddle up on the couch with a classic book and discuss the flaws and strengths of the protagonist.

Upon reflecting - I have taken a lot from this family's rhythm into my own. And sometimes it is wonderful to come back to the place that inspired you in the beginning - that made such a lasting impression on you as a person - and gather and talk and remember.

Liam's pants were blogged about here. And oh how I have loved seeing them on him as he gathers new experiences for himself in my old and familiar haunts.

It has been such a amazing first week here. Life is so big and wonderful and sweet.

 My cup - oh how it overflows.