Friday, March 4, 2016

Why Hello Again!

Hello again! Are you still there?  Well, we are still here! I didn't realize that this break would have been so long! It was unintended to say the least and I must admit that I did miss writing here in this space ever so much.

The reason for the several month break was because we are expecting! Yes that's right.  Little opihi number two is snug and growing as I write.  My first trimester was pretty rough and I didn't feel like doing anything - so therefore nothing worthy to post so therefore no post. And so on and so on and so on.  But second trimester is here and I am enjoying the wonderful energy that goes with it.

It has been really dry on the crafting front, but I did manage to finish my scarf that I was making for my dad.  It was gifted to him during his two week stay along with a bit of art that Liam created for him.  P for Papa.  Oh my heart! My dad was thrilled with it.

Liam and I were very much reclusive during my first trimester, so now I am happy to announce that we are back into our weekly beach routines.  It is so wonderful to be able to give your children exactly what they need... and an outing to the beach to play with water, and sticks, and sand, is so wonderful.  He is napping right now and his sleep is so deep and clean and well earned.  So taking advantage of that deep sleep, I am sitting here and writing and hopefully reconnecting.

So much has changed within the past few months.  Not just externally but internally as well.  I have been reading a lot... on children's art, and child development and I am so full of so much wonderful goodness that I have a feeling that the next few post will be less centered on my crafting endeavors, and more focused on the creativity that blossoms from parenting.  There is a change in the air for this space, because in a sense, I am changing... so therefore I hope you follow along on this journey if creative parenting is your kind of thing.  ::insert smily face::