Monday, March 31, 2014

I've missed blogging...but baby has been growing =)

 Do you use the arm of your chair to hold your stuff too? =)
Hello once again! =) I feel like it has been so long since I've been able to have the heart or the energy to post anything. We are in our second trimester right now... 22 weeks to be exact. I haven't been up to working with my hands at all. As soon as I come home from work all I seemed to want to do was to take a nap. But... lately I've found these bursts of energy to work on the wall hanging for my friend, and it has been nice to cozy up on my big chair and watch my favorite netflik episodes while hand stitching.

The baby has been kicking up a storm lately... and tea and toast with my dad's homemade strawberry jam seem to be my favorite thing... as well as tuna sandwiches and pickles. =) Classic combos. First trimester was so different from the second. The first trimester everything made me sick or tired. Just breathing seemed to tire me out at times... but the second trimester has been so nice (other than the round ligament pain that hits me by surprise). My bump looks like a baby bump now instead of evidence of a Big Mac meal =)  and with the baby kicking and wiggling demanding attention and thoughts I can't help smiling. I wonder if the secret smile on my face is what everyone refers to when they say I'm gluing.

I find myself talking to baby more and more... wondering what it will be like. What things it will enjoy. I have been holding off on quilting projects for it because I want to wait for its personality to show me what it will like... although I have been searching the internet for a perfect diaper bag. =)

Isn't it wonderful how things change when seasons in life change? Transitions can be beautiful and wonderful and apprehensive all at the same time. I am looking forward to see what comes. =)