Friday, January 16, 2015

2015 - Finish Along

This year I want it to be the year of joining. After joining in the scrappy log cabin quilt along on Instagram (blogged here), I have come to realize how wonderful it is to join in with people while crafting.

I actually found out about the 2015 Finish Along on Instagram from one of the other ladies posting about her scrappylogcabin and I thought that this would be just the right sort of project to join along!

I have four Quarter 1 Goals:

1. I want to quilt and bind my scrappy log cabin quilt from the #scrappylogcabinQAL. I blogged about the finish top here.

 2. This project has been in my sewing basket for the longest time and I would love to finish it and start using it! My Hawaiian Appliqué potholder. This was one of the learner projects that I started on but when I started my Coming Home to Kuiippo quilt, it just got forgotten.

3. I want to utilize my scraps from making my scrappy log cabin quilt to make scrappy log cabin pin cushions using this pattern. I want to make three - one for me and two to be gifted!

4. I don't think that this will get quilted and finished in time, but a personal goal is to get the top done before quarter one ends. Perhaps I can quilt and bind it in quarter 2. This quilt is intended for my mom. She has been patiently waiting for it!

Well, those are my four goals for Quarter 1! I'm very excited to be joining in this project! =D

If you are interested in joining you can find out more information by pressing the button below!

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

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