Thursday, November 19, 2015

Knitting ~ my first finish

There is a list that I made for myself for winter makes for Liam.  After looking at his closet and between hand me down and gifts, a few essential items were needed for this colder season.  The first up was a beanie.  He had outgrown all of his other beanies and it was time for a new one.  I have been wanting to learn how to knit for such a long time, and it's so funny how this little guy has pushed me out of my someday mentality into a more proactive right now state of mind.  Children. They make you brave I tell you.

I decided on tincanknits's barley pattern on my first project.  This site is wonderful to learn from for a lot of their beginning projects have tutorials on how to go about doing step by steps portions of the pattern. was also an amazing resource in learning.  Now I'm hooked and most of those free moments go to adding rows.  Knitting is wonderfully portable I'm finding so it actually goes with me everywhere and a few stitches here and there are added throughout the course of a day.

Are you wondering why I don't have any pictures of Liam wearing his new hand knit beanie?  Well... apparently this little boy doesn't like it on his head (Insert weeping emoticon).  I've tried everything - even on really windy blustery days, as soon as I whip it out of the bag he goes crying and running the other way.  Oh well.  Ross tells me to make him one and then he will model beanie wearing for Liam in the hopes of inspiring our little boy to keep his mama knit hat on.  A beanie for Ross is next on the list!

Currently on the needles though is a scarf for my dad.  Once again the pattern is from tincanknits and it is actually perfect for practicing those beginning stitches.  That stripe of knit stitches keeps it so very interesting.  My dad comes in a weeks time and I'm crossing my fingers that this present will be ready for him by then.  He celebrated his birthday a week ago and it has been on my heart to create a little handmade for him, and to also have our own little birthday celebratory dinner for him during his short visit.  My dad... such a special man in my eyes.  He is the one who taught me how to appreciate handmade presents and cards you see, and I would so much love to gift him with something that has so many wishes and good thoughts knit into it with every stitch.

November is here and it is almost over.  Can you imagine that next week is Thanksgiving? Oh my where is the time going!

Happy Thursday everyone.



  1. Hi Karisma, congrats on your first knitting finish! It looks so good! I started learning to knit, & was making a scarf about 10 years ago & never finished it... Guess I'm not very good at following through on things at times, haha! What a great idea Ross had to model wearing a beanie & hopefully help Liam to like the idea of wearing his beautiful beanie too. Goodluck getting the scarf finished for your Dad, I'm sure you won't have my scarf-finish-itis problem!! What a beautiful gift for the one who taught you to appreciate giving & receiving handmade. I've been working on some pillowcases & placemat sets to give to family members for Christmas. Take care & have a lovely day, Kelly

  2. good luck on the hat front... i still struggle with it with my three.
    i have been wanted to try knitting myself... i think i will have to make the plunge. i mean think i am meant to
    do it.. some of my favorite bloggers are knitters, and i feel like a bit out of it. :)
    thank you for the inspiration. -jennifer

  3. Beanie is gonna be a successful project! Have you already decided which color are you going to use?)

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