Friday, February 7, 2014

A birthday present finish!!!

I can't believe I actually have a finish! It seems like it has been such a long time since I've been able to actually finish a project. Thank goodness for small motivating finishes!

I made a pouch for my sister using Chase's wonderful and easy mini Ipad tutorial .

We are four years apart but we share the same birthday: February 22... which is coming up fast! I have just enough time to drive into Kona and buy some cute things to put inside of it before I send it in the mail on Monday.

Since I moved to the Big Island, our birthdays have been hard because for the past twenty plus years we had celebrated it together. We both always get homesick for each other around that time... so I hope this handmade gift will help ease a bit of the biter sweetness!

I thought it would be perfect for her kindle. We both love to read and currently my favorite book recommendation from her has been Deborah Harkness's Discovery of Witches series (the third and final book in the trilogy "The Book of Life" is scheduled to come out on July 15th for those of you familiar with it!).  If you haven't read it and are looking for a cross between Harry Potter and Twilight, then I highly suggest it! =)

The reason my sister knows so much about books (other than the fact that she is a voracious reader) is that my sister is in her last semester of getting her graduate degree in library science!  I am so proud!!! I was working really hard to make her something special for this birthday, because I knew that she would need the encouragement during this last stretch.  I originally intended this to be her birthday present, but with the blessing of our first pregnancy and all the fatigue and sickness that comes in the first trimester, I fell behind. So hopefully I can finish her intended birthday quilt as a graduation quilt. ::fingers crossed::

It has been so nice being able to sew again. It has only been since the entry of our second trimester that I have been able to sit down with needle and thread... and oh how wonderful it is to be creative in this way again!

Well, I better run... Ross is going to be off of work in an hour to take me to my doctor's appointment and I better put my sewing stuff away! (Man I forgot how much of a mess I can make in seconds when I'm sewing! Whew!)  I'm hoping to continue working on a few more small projects in the near future. Things on my "hopeful" sewing list right now are:

  • A mini pincushion 
  • Kindle case using this as inspiration 
  • New mug rug 
The list could go on but I'm going to stick to three. =) What's on your "hopeful" sewing list? 

I'm going to be linking up to finish it friday at crazy mom quilts! 

Happy Sewing everyone! 

My beautiful big sister and I =) 

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  1. Isn't it funny how those small projects can motivate you to finish other things?? :) Beautiful finish! You and your sister are beautiful too!!