Thursday, February 6, 2014

A bit of hand sewing and a bit of news

Although I have a lot on my plate concerning big projects, I just couldn't bring myself to sit and work on any of them. Today I needed a bit of play - and that came in the form of scraps and hand quilting on the couch while I watched Tangled over and over again.

So... the reason that I've bee MIA so often, and unable to pick up needle and thread... is because we are expecting our first baby!!!! =) Currently we just entered our second trimester and we are so excited and happy. I didn't have any energy the first trimester... and now that we are in our second, I find myself able to cook dinner and sew a bit. Today was a bad day though... I got sick in the morning and then started crying to Ross about not wanting to go to work. So I stayed home today and tried to take it easy and surround myself with happy things. Happy movies... happy colors... happy fabric. It was so healing to be able to sit quietly and find comfort in things that make me happy. I didn't pick up my phone... or text people... and I canceled my afternoon piano appointment because just the thought of having to work with students (be it at school or after) is just so overwhelming I'm afraid the water works would totally render me useless.

So today I stayed home and sat and stitched and watched movies and read a new blog that I am totally in love with and super inspired by! Only able to keep down toast and apple juice right now... but it's alright. I'm happy.

I'm excited for my next energy burst to see where my patchwork takes me. But for now my energy is spent and it is time for an afternoon nap.

Do you see that little robot girl up there? She's my favorite part. I liked her so much that she got a frame with pink pearl cotton.

::yawn:: I'll see you next time!

Happy Thursday.

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