Thursday, May 15, 2014

Motivated by deadlines!

My sister graduates on Saturday. She finished her courses and will be walking and getting her MA in Library Science. I am oh so proud of her!!!! To have accomplished her degree while being an amazing wife and mother of three - so inspiring. Also - my smarty pants sister is graduating with a 4.0! Wow!

Listening to her getting excited and planning her trip up with the family to the University so she can walk - I was really motivated to get the appliqué done on my sister's quilt. I'm hoping to finish it so I can give it to her as a graduation present. I have about six more hexagons to go before I finish the appliqué.

I have to admit that half way through this quilt I wanted to stop and do an easier pattern just so I can gift a quilt to my sister. I confess that today I actually went through my stash and did an interview of fabrics to see if I could swing a quilt top for her... but I forced myself to get over the slump I found myself in and before I knew it - an end to the hand appliqué was in sight!

It's coming along - just a few more to go... stitch by stitch... you can do it. =)

My goal is to have this quilt finished when Ross and I head to the mainland - I dream of gifting it to her during a small family party I'm planning for her. In my head I can see her happily sitting at the table after a delicious meal of Italian family style dishes - and then seeing her eyes light up when we bring out a red velvet cake from her favorite bakery - and then finally her eyes tearing up when I present her her long awaited quilt. ::crossing fingers:: I just hope I can pull it all off! In my head it's amazing. In reality - the quilt is still sitting in my sewing basket... Ahhhhh.... where are the quilting fairies when you need them!

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