Tuesday, June 3, 2014

For my parents

Hello everyone! =) Remember my WIP pile that carried over from 2013? Well, the Walker Wall Hanging on the top has been completed - and now the bottom quilt sandwich that still needed hand quilting is now complete. =) It was intended for my parents and I am so excited to be able to give it to them! That leaves two more in the pile to go! Slowly working my way through them...

So here it is! Finish from the pile number two: the blue and white herringbone half triangle quilt for my parents'  dad's birthday, anniversary,  I'm glad you're my parents present. =) Don't you love it when late deadlines make you change the purpose of the gift? 

I love sewing with solid half triangles. They just seem to like me because they go together so smoothly. Unlike patchwork... patchwork and I are still trying to iron out some issues... I also love the herringbone design. It has such clean lines! I'm so excited to give it to them!!! I think I said that already didn't I?

It's bound in a mustard yellow and backed with a blue floral print from my lqs... can you tell I don't keep track of fabric names?

I was originally wanting to finish my sister's hexi quilt - I actually finished the quilt top, but when I measured out my batting I found that I was needing more. Since my local quilting shop is an hour away it wasn't going to happen before we left for our trip. =( But it's ok. Because my sister is coming out in a month to be here hopefully during baby's delivery time so I still have another window to get it sandwiched and quilted and bound. I just hope that this third trimester energy burst keeps up!

I can't wait to get the rest of these projects crossed off my list. I feel like I can't start baby projects until all of these WIPs are off my sewing table... I better hustle too - cause baby is scheduled to come in about 9 weeks!

Does a WIP pile keep you from starting new projects?

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