Wednesday, October 15, 2014

In the kitchen

I grew up in California - so I don't have an understanding of how the seasons change. That lack of understanding is even wider in Hawaii. There is a slight change that can be detected though. The rain that comes isn't always humid. The trade winds blow a bit cooler than normal. Surf boards are more apparent in vehicles - a sign that the winter surf season is starting. 

Back home in California my sister is starting her autumn kitchen traditions - chili and soups, and baked goods. So because I was a little homesick, I made favorite recipes of hers. She taught me how to make these cinnamon rolls and I made them and thought of her. 

In my kitchen 

:: Dinners of oven roasted fish and vegetables have been on the table lately. 

:: pumpkin bread has made an appearance. 

:: A new corner for the placemats and coasters have been located - making setting the table oh so much nicer. 

:: Morning cups of creamy tea and quiet devotional time has been found at the table after Liam's 5:30 am feeding. Some days there is even time for a few hand stitches to his quilt. 

:: Late dinners at 8:00pm have been rewarmed and eaten because Ross and I are determined to eat together - even if that means eating after baby Liam has been put down to sleep. 

:: The house has smelled like cookies again. 

:: Blessings have been written down in a journal at the table. Oh how I can't express them all! 

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