Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Receiving Handmade

I love giving handmade gifts. The thought and love that goes into the process... the way I'm able to put a prayer... a hope... a wish... into each piece of the whole. There is nothing that can match a handmade gift in my opinion.

Can you imagine my delight when we got a package in the mail from one of our church friends on the mainland?! It's a sweet baby blanket made from nine squares of differing fabrics. I actually have a set of the frog, stripe, and paisley receiving blankets that our friend used in this blanket. What an inspiration for recycling Liam's receiving blankets when he gets older!

All throughout the blanket there are handmade stitches, embroidery, ties of ribbon. So much detail and thought!

Looking at this gift really made me meditate on my own handmade gifts. Looking at the lines in this blanket - they don't necessarily all line up... but I found myself falling in love with this project because of all of those imperfections. Projects are such amazing representations of the people that they come from... pieces of a whole... imperfections... but oh so filled with love. So much love and thought and hope. It really made me meditate on how many times I've ripped out stitches because things didn't line up - or the way I've left projects undone because of frustration at it not being "perfect".

I am really going to try and embrace the essence of handmade... which essentially is love is it not?

Here's to imperfect lines and wonkiness.... but a whole lot of love... so so much love!

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