Tuesday, November 25, 2014

In my kitchen: the cookie jar

Last week's peanut butter cookies 
Today's empty jar 

 Ready for the week! 

Ahhh.... that is the sound of a happy lady. I love the cookie jar when it is full... but I love...love...love... it when it is empty. An empty container is a sign that the contents were thoroughly enjoyed and that the one I love is full and happy.

Lately Ross and I have... please excuse the cliche... taken to having milk and cookies when he gets home from school. No he is not a student, but a teacher who works at school. This little ritual as well as snacking throughout the day usually empties the jar in about a week between the two of us and the guests that pop up every now and then.

I grew up in a household of bakers. Not professional bakers... but people who just generally loved to bake. Growing up, I would love the way that the house would smell whenever there was a treat in the oven. Especially the way it would make the house so warm.

You wouldn't think it... living in Hawaii... but it does get cold here on occasionally - cold being a relative term. Anyways...I digress. Today is a cold day. Rainy and windy. The perfect day for baking.

Ross requested snickerdoodles and I was happy to oblige seeing as how those are one of my favorite cookies as well. Snickerdoodles are one of my sister's trademark cookies and it alway makes me think of her.

Growing up - I got a glimpse of what type of wife...mother...person -  I wanted to be by watching my own mother and sister and others who were close to me. So many of the women that I admired... whether they were working moms or stay at home moms.. they showed their love through the labor of their hands. From a clean kitchen... to folded laundry... to cookies waiting in a jar. I have been so blessed to have had such examples in my life. I look forward to carrying on the same things that shined so brightly in my life within my own home.


  1. i have no excuse to make peanut butter cookies other than i adore them lol. my daughter won't eat them and so an empty jar afterwards would be all me! :)

    1. Hi Monica! Thanks for stopping by! I know - peanut butter cookies are such a favorite here! They don't last very long... I have a feeling I'm more to blame than anyone else as well lol.

  2. yes. a full cookie jar is a lovely thing. having 4 i bake for... husband and three kids, i have to give them each turns in choosing what cookie will be baked to fill it up again. -jennifer

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for stopping by. =) You're such a thoughtful mom! How nice that you do a rotation for favorite cookies for the cookie jar. =)