Friday, December 5, 2014

While dad is here...

There has been sewing done! My dad is here visiting... and I can't express in words how wonderful it is to have his company. I have looked forward to cooking, baking, and eating with him... but most especially I have looked forward to having dad bond with Liam. Liam has taken to dad's quiet and gentle spirit like I knew he would. They are now strolling and napping buddies. It is so nice to see his little face light up when dad plays with him.

Well, today they went on a stroller walk to the park... Liam fell asleep in the stroller during his walk so dad stayed out for an hour with him... and I got 2 birthday finishes done! Oh my goodness how I have missed sewing with such productiveness!

I have a friend's birthday that I am several months past late in getting her present... but I wanted to make something homemade. I also have another friend's birthday coming up next month, and since I was on such a roll... I decided to get her present finished as well. I'm noticing that the problem with sewing two things at the same time... I tend to make them very similar. As in... almost identical. But I'm thinking that it won't be a problem seeing as how these ladies live on separate islands!

Look at those scrappy backs! Every time I work with scraps for patchwork it's like a trip down memory lane. Each fabric bringing a memory of love, and different family and friends from different walks of life all joined to make one piece of fabric. Oh how wonderful to work with textiles that have the ability to carry such sentiment!

These needle books actually come from a tutorial from one of my favorite blogs. If you get a chance, check it out! The needle book tutorial is very straight forward, and is one of my favorite blogs to read! Amy has such amazing attention to detail and eye for color. She has a book coming out in May and I am very very excited to get a copy and see what amazing projects are lined up...

But I digress. Which if you've been reading along with me... I tend to do a lot! Don't you just love that little red riding hood fabric I used on the cover of the needle books? Well, when I first started buying fabric from online shops I fell in love with this set of prints. I wanted to make my niece a quilt from this fabric. So after sitting on the shelf for many many seasons... it is finally seeing the light and I am working with it.

I'm thinking that if dad keeps taking Liam on long walks then I might actually be able to send a quilt home with him! What do you think? =) How long does it usually take you to finish a quilt?

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