Saturday, May 21, 2016

In the restlessness

I am starting to understand why so many become knitters when they are pregnant.  There is a call to create and nest for this brand new life that will enter into yours and change everything.  There is a restlessness.  Perhaps from not being able to get comfortable due to a changing body.  Or perhaps just due to a mind that won't settle down to the possibilities and the hopes and dreams one has for this little person and their family.  Today was such a morning.  I found myself awake and unable to go back to sleep at three a.m..  So what does one do? Gets up and creates... naturally!  I could have set up my sewing machine in order to finish those booties that are still half done. I could have worked on father's day presents.  But the hum and industriousness of the sewing machine just didn't feel right for this moment.  No.  The stillness of sitting with my feet up on the ottoman and wrapping yarn around two pieces of bamboo called me.  The morning is so still - even though this little one in my body is not.  I wanted something where I could sit in the stillness and concentrate on baby's little squirms.  I wanted to create for baby through the pain twisting in my back as baby tries to find its spot.  For this baby I wanted to be calm and totally aware of him or her... so stitch by stitch, breath by breath I sat until the sun rose and the pitter patter of little toddler feet calling "mama...mama..." found me.

Good morning everyone! Blessings on this weekend.

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  1. A little confused over the last comment but? I have had 8 children and remember all those midnight moments of "nedting" . At the time I didn't appreciate the lack of sleep but remember the mastery of making something perfect for them, and dealing with the children come day break. You have touched me with your words today. You are also one of the few I know who does not know the gender of your baby. I never did, but I am old fashioned. Blessings.