Saturday, May 7, 2016

Sewing what we need

I have been looking at all of the clothes that have been saved from when Liam was a baby and trying to take stock of what we have, what I can make, and what we should buy.  So much of Liam's clothes in those early months were hand me downs that got returned that we actually don't really have much baby clothes for those early months. Which actually really works out because this baby will be born in the summer, and the summer time is also hurricane time, and it can get so oppressively hot that we wouldn't want to burden baby with extra layers.  Liam was happy in a diaper or a onesie for the first three months of his life so we are going with that direction for this baby as well.  So looking to the winter months, or also known as the wet season over here, a few more layers would be needed to stay comfortable.  I fell in love with Anna Maria Horner's Knick Knack Knickers pattern and knew that I wanted to sew some up for this new baby.  Can't you see it being so cute paired with an envelope tee or a onesie?  Think of those chubby little six month legs kicking!

I have really been trying to hold myself back from making things that we don't need.  I have the cutest idea for a special receiving blanket for baby but we have so many leftover from Liam that I couldn't justify the fabric use for it.  But that's ok... because there are so many other sweet things on my list that I am excited about!

What are your favorite makes when you're expecting or for baby gifts?  Do you have anything in particular that you love?

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