Friday, July 18, 2014

Nesting syndrome equates sewing finishes!!!

Hello all! It's been a while since I last posted... but a lot has been going on in my small corner of the island. =) Officially we are two days away from baby being 38 weeks old! Almost there! We are going to be welcoming this little kicker into the world sooner than we know it! 

So of course - in between cleaning and washing and moving furniture around (Ross has been moving the heavy stuff!) there has been sewing going on! 

It was like a fever hit me and I needed to get projects out of my sewing basket... I'd wake up in the middle of the night dreaming of sewing finishes - because for some reason, I feel like these projects will never finish when the baby comes and then more new projects for baby would pile on top of these and .... ::shudder:: madness. Stress inducing madness I tell you! 

So here is a finish that I'd like to share from one of Ayumi's tutorials. Can I take a second to just say that her tutorials have taught me so much about sewing?  Not growing up with a sewing background, her pictures and steps are so clear that I've been able to teach myself how to make these wonderful zakka items for my home. Happiness! Her tutorials are VERY beginner friendly! 

 The linen is a bit wrinkly, but I kinda like it... it's charming. =)caption

I started these last year, but ran out of batting and backing - so of course, like I stated earlier - they stayed in my work basket for several months. 
 All six completed!

 I love the colors! They match the house so nicely. =) This is the last of the fabric from the anniversary fabric I made last year. You can read about other projects that I did with the fabric here, here, and here!
 Here is where my coasters and placemats live. They're ready to be used! This is actually the corner where I dream of a tea and coffee stand go... but until then, I'm happy with the way the space is being used. =)
 Doesn't the pairing look happy? =) 

It's raining outside so I'll have to wait on taking pictures of another happy finish! And this one is a quilt! =) So hopefully the sun will come out so I can get pictures of it!

Until next time... happy sewing!
Aloha ~ Karisma

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  1. Nice finish. I hope you get things done before your new arrival.

  2. My comments keep erasing on my phone so I am trying again! I love your finish and I love the idea of a coffee and tea stand! That sounds like fun! What is better than coffee and tea!? Wahoo for being at the end of your pregnancy! Congrats! My littlest is 18 months and it goes so fast! :-)

    1. Hi Barbara! =) Thanks for the comment! Thanks so much for the warm wishes... we are very excited to meet this little kicker. =)