Friday, March 20, 2015

So many kinds of joy

Today was such a beautiful day. There was sun and sand and water - but most especially the use of handmades! Oh how those things bring joy to my heart!

 Today we took Liam to the beach and he wore the hat I made him, along with a new to his closest, a mama made shirt from one of his daddy's old T-shirts designated for the rag pile. 

This little shirt represents two things that are becoming close to my heart. Garment sewing for children, and repurposing fabrics. 

When I started seeing how much joy quilting and making toys for Liam could bring - I so wanted to make him a few mommy made clothes to use during his play. I don't know if there could be anything more wonderful than to see an item made with love be used as he grows and explores.  

I have been a bit scared to venture into the world of garment sewing.  I don't know why. Perhaps it's the terminology that seems so foreign to me. Perhaps it is the precision required for a finished product. But as I was reading one of my favorite blogs yesterday I read the quote below and it totally changed my entire mindset. 

" Let yourself enjoy the process and don't get hung up on whether it is "right" or "perfect." Let it reflect where you are right now, and let that be enough." ~ Alicia Paulson from www. 

Those words were extremely - liberating. I didn't have to make something perfect. I just had to make something that showed where I was in my current process. And the fruits of my labor were blessed with a garment that Liam could actually use on a family outing - made with flaws, but oh so so so much love.

Another thing that has been on my heart is repurposing used things, often unwanted or old things into something that can be useful and loved. Oh how wonderful that feeling is! That T-shirt was too small for Ross and was about to be used for a rag - but now I have a new garment for Liam and a couple of good pieces for dusting. You can't beat that! 

The T-shirt is an envelope tee from Meg McElwee's book Growing Up Sew Liberated in the 6-12 months size. I bought this book several months ago and have been dreaming of filling my boy's drawers with mommy handmades. Well, we are one garment into that dream! 

Happy Sewing Everybody! Linking up to Sew the Library at Tales of Cloth


  1. I love this! what a great upcycling project.
    I also totally agree with the sentiments on perfection...or lack thereof.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Perfection is such a hard thing to attain for - how wonderful it feels when I stop expecting it and just enjoy the process! I hope you have a great weekend too! Aloha!

  2. I hope you get the same felling of joy and pleasure that I get when I sew for loved ones. I love to imagine them using what I make for them. Your little one is just adorable. Good job on the little shirt. That is another one of my sweet pleasures-recycling.