Sunday, April 13, 2014

First baby project

It has been rainy and cold here. A strange thing for Hawaii. But this invigorating cold and gloomy damp has my fingers aching to play with yarn. Crochet was the first craft that I ever learned as I stated here. I didn't learn it correctly (by reading patterns) and I mostly did afghan projects that were very repetitious (thus not needing to count very much but just do it by route memory).

Since I learned how to crochet, I have made a crochet blanket for each of the babies in church. I remember when I bought yarn for the first time here when Ross and I were dating to make a baby blanket for one of the soon to be mothers in our assembly. I don't know why, but I was slightly embarrassed for Ross to see me. He is a pretty cool guy - jock type, surfer, fisherman. I was a bit embarrassed for him to see me doing (what I had deemed in my head to be a 'grandma' craft) crochet. The first time I sat next to him when he was playing video games on a friday night with my yarn and my crochet hook, he kept glancing at me while playing. With heated cheeks I asked him, "do you think I'm a grandma?" He shook his head, "no, just wondering what you were doing." When I told him he said it was "cool." Wow - never thought he'd use that adjective! Now I get excited to show him what I'm working on. His praise keeps me steadily stitching - even more so now that I am working on a baby project for our baby.

Every baby blanket I've ever worked on has been a blessing. While stitching I have been able to sit and reflect on my relationship with the parents-to-be and to think of this blanket being used during nap times and play times other adventure times. Now, while I sit and stitch I think about what this child might be like. What the baby will like to do, the books that I want to read to baby, the dreams and hopes I have for baby, and the love I can't wait to share. During these quiet times I also wonder what type of father Ross will be like. With how caring he is I can't imagine a sweeter one.

It's nice isn't it - the ability to craft and create and pour our hearts into a tangible item. What a blessing!

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