Sunday, April 6, 2014

The weekend in pictures

I'm going to try and start something new.  A lot of the blogs that I follow do a post about what they do over the weekend, and I find myself drawn to stories of their life as well as pictures of what they are working on. A goal of mine is to start blogging more freely about my thoughts and share more about who I am and the life that Ross and I live here. =) So here it goes: my first weekend post. 

We went to our friend's birthday party for their son's first birthday. Man the decorations were cute! =) Our other friend had spent the entire month making handmade touches for the event. I trip out at her creative hand. The piñata in the top right corner was all made by hand... when I asked her if she hand cut all of the materials by hand she gave me a sheepish smile and admitted that she did. My jaw literally dropped open. That girl has crazy skills!

Originally my friend who was throwing the party wanted to rope me into helping make the whale cookies but I had to veto that idea right away and redirect her to our other friend who is so amazing at making decorative baked goods... (my baking style is more like homey and yummy bake sale and not something you walk into a gourmet bakery and buy)

Clockwise: Bacon okonomiyaki, strawberry and blackberry mix, pizza from a local pizza place, and a chai latte from starbucks. 

Yes - this weekend was also spent eating and drinking lots of yummies! Here is a collage of all the foods that baby responded to with extra happy kicks... the baby especially liked the pizza. I think baby was doing a bit of a happy dance inside my belly! 

And guess what? 
Yup that's what you think it is! A binding shot! Something was finished this weekend! The post will have to wait till tomorrow though cause the hubby was using the clothes line to dry his Jujitsu gi and I wasn't able to get pictures of the entire finish! Oh my goodness! I have a finish! 

Will hopefully post tomorrow! Hope your weekend was full of laughter, amazing food, and restful times! 


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