Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Coasters

Remember when I started the baby blanket and told you about how crochet was my first crafting experience here? Well, the baby blanket wasn't turning out as I had planned. 

I grew up crocheting with acrylic yarn - I think that's why I didn't like crochet for the longest time. I always thought it was an itchy craft. It wasn't until I started reading about others who crochet with different materials (like alpaca and wool) that I started to see that the craft could be modern and beautiful. 

Well, getting back to the baby blanket that was - I went to our local craft store and I was determined to take advantage of this snuggly raining weather we've been having and start a crochet blanket. Well, at our craft store all they had was acrylic yarn and 100% worsted cotton yarn. So I figured lets go with the cotton because cotton is suppose to be soft right? Well, I started crocheting the blanket with my yarn and I got serval rows in before I realized that there was little to no drape and it felt very very stiff. Like bathmat stiff. I must admit it was a bit disheartening since it was baby's first project and it ended before it really got off the ground. But I got over that as I started using it for smaller projects like these coasters. There is something so thrilling about a finished project that is put into use! And here is a finish! A set of beautiful new coasters for the house.  Next will probably be pot holders and then I'll probably make my sister and mom and set for mothers day. 

Happy crafting everyone! 

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