Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Crafting With Loved Ones

Have you seen the book handmade home by Amanda Soule? I found this treasure at my public library a few months ago and it has become one of my favorite reads! I was so inspired by the author's words of crafting with loved ones that I longed to be able to share this with my sister and niece when they arrived for their three week visit. Before they had even arrived, I was inspired to do some crafting at the house with them. 

When trying to decide on what craft to start on first - I knew I wanted to start small. I didn't want them to tackle large projects that would only discourage them. So I thought a small embroidery project would be perfect. In Amanda's book there is a project on how to sew bookmarks out of embroidered artwork and scraps.  I only know a few stitches, but I taught them how to back stitch. They had so much fun with it! My niece finished a piece that we made into a bookmark. She was able to take it home with her. My sister was working on several pieces to be incorporated into a table runner. Sadly, the table runner wasn't finished. She started off by using really small pieces of scraps. I watched her working at it. I didn't want to squash her creative process - but at the same time I wished that I had encouraged her to use bigger pieces of scraps. Nevertheless it was a good lesson for both of us. The completion of the project will have to wait for a later date. 

My sister was really wanting to make placemats. She was actually quite determined. So she dug around in my scrap bin and pulled out scraps to work with. Aren't her patchwork placemats adorable? I'm in love with them. She worked on them for several days... laboring over which pieces to use and how to combine colors. I love her end products! 

The only placemat that we were able to finish before she returned to San Diego was the one she designated for herself. Her favorite color is green so a lot of the green scraps found a home in this wonderful project! The little appliqu├ęd patch with her embroidered name was inspired due to the fact that there was a rip in one of the scraps that she hadn't noticed was there. So we mended the rip and added the patch. I love it and the story behind it. 

I am working on the binding for the rest of them. Hopefully I can send them home with mom and dad for my sister to enjoy in her home. There is nothing like a handmade touch to make your home even more special. I am so happy to be able to extend that feeling to my sister's home in San Diego. 

Crafting with loved ones has become something very special to me. Not only does it give you a quality product to share and remember them with - it gives you quality time spent with them. And to me, that is such a wonderful thing. I am so blessed to be a crafter. 

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