Monday, September 8, 2014

Gardening Journal: Clearing a space

 Was that as stressful for you as it was for me? Goodness! I hated going out in our back yard because of that sight! The previous owner was a gardener. We actually had a really nice herb garden in the backyard. Of course... since my husband and I were not gardeners, it got over run by the bushes and the grass and the weeds. This is what my garden space looked like a week ago.

Now, after a lot of work on mom, dad, Ross, and my part, a small space is finally cleared away. This is the new space for the herb garden section. We trimmed back the thyme, sage, and lavender to a more manageable size. We also planted rosemary and thai basil. It is nice to think about all the things that I will cook once the herbs can be harvested.

 Here we planted beans. The first row is American beans, the next are long Chinese beans... and then we finished with a third row of sweet peas. My dad is also going to show me how to make a trellis using the old bamboo. I'm so happy to be learning from him!
This is one of the views of the garden space that has been cleared. It is an exciting time! =)

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