Sunday, September 21, 2014

Over the weekend

I couldn't resist! Another picture of Liam! 

The baby announcements have been sent to loved ones... another project checked off the to do list. Ahhh how wonderful the sound of that pen scratching something off my ever growing list is! Did you notice that pile of fun fabric prints up there? I have my heart set on sewing Liam an eye-spy quilt. Oh this beautiful beautiful boy - his eyes are drawn to bright colors and I am wanting to give it to him! Not as a quilt for sleeping, he has a favorite soft blue blanket that he sleeps with, but for lying on while playing and dreaming. Yes, a brightly colored quilt full of sea creatures and fun animals is just what my sweet baby needs. Now if only I can figure out how to craft around his sleeping schedule. It's hard right now! When he sleeps I want to sleep too!

Most of the crafting minutes that I can steal away has been going towards making a mini paper scrapbook album for my hubby. Tomorrow is our two year anniversary and I oh so wanted to make him something handmade, even if it is a small token. With being pregnant, a lot of crafting for my family got put on the back burner as I struggled to finish long ago promised bigger projects for people. Currently I am enjoying reclaiming the precious few minutes I have during the day to craft for my beloved husband and baby boy. Since I haven't done so in a while, a small paper album was a perfect way to start waking up the creative process that has been dormant for such a long time. I am so looking forward to crafting more for these two wonderful men in my life.

Did you notice the picture of the chicken up there? I just had to share - I harvested thyme from the garden to use in my cooking! What a wonderful feeling - to be able to harvest from the garden to use for the dinner table. I must admit that I am extremely encouraged and am looking forward to continuing this garden experience! I made garlic thyme chicken with roasted potatoes for some family that came over for dinner one night and it was very yummy! The marinate was simple. Olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic salt, garlic, and fresh thyme. I let the chicken marinate in a plastic bag in the fridge for several hours and then baked it for an hour at 400 degrees for about an hour. It was yummy! If I had a lemon I would have used that to also flavor it. Next time perhaps.

Well, it is getting late. 8:46 pm to be exact. I, who use to be a night owl have now succumb to sleeping at this early hour of 8:45 because that is when my son goes down... and I know that in a few short hours he will be waking me up with his cries. Oh how motherhood can change the face of your life!  Good night all!

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