Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Scrappy 2015 project: #scrappylogcabinQAL

So - recently I jumped on the Instagram bandwagon and low and behold I have joined my first quilt a long! It is a scrappy log cabin quilt a long! Finally I have a large project to try and clean up my scrap bin. I haven't done much since my sister dug around and made scrappy placemats. I have been wanting to join one for a while but have been a bit intimidated. I have been wanting to do a log cabin quilt for such a long time. Ever since seeing this one!  I think though, for this project I want to make something similar to  this one, using this tutorial.

There is something so wonderful about cutting into scraps - seeing remnants of other projects made for loved ones. A bit of my sister's quilt here... a bit of color from my baby's quilt... my dad's quilt much love. So much memory. Am I the only one so sensitive to the emotional ties that textiles have?

I am going to be selfish with this project and keep it for myself. I want to make a throw size quilt for our living room so that when our family cuddles up, we can be surrounded by a lot of love and memories of family that we hold close even though proximally they are far away.

Happy Sewing Everybody


  1. Scrappy quilts are so dreamy and full of fond memories! Your plans for the quilt along are great! Have fun :)

    1. Hi Pratima! They are SO full of fond memories! =) Thank you for your comment! I have been having a lot of fun and have been meeting so many different people. =)