Wednesday, December 17, 2014

While dad is here III

While Dad and Liam were out for a walk... I got a lot done!

 This quilt started out without a plan... just sewing some blocks together that I had in my sewing basket.

 Without a plan often comes correction. The large red boarder just wasn't doing it for me... so a lot of it got chopped and another boarder came along.

 Here is my sewing basket - with my quilt top and backing materials ready to be pieced.

 This was a first for me ~ using pearle cotton 8 to embroider the label as well as including the label into the backing of the quilt instead of simply appliquéing one on. I liked this overall effect so much better!

Here is the quilt sandwich... ready and waiting to be quilted.

 This was also a first - using masking tape to help me with my quilting lines. Now that I look at it from a birds eye view my tape lines were not very straight... I blame it on the hard floor. I'm going to invest in some volleyball pads if I'm going to be doing so much work on my knees!

 This is actually something new that I tried. I did a zigzag stitch all the way around. I often have a hard time setting the binding. This helped so much!

 Another thing I did differently here was to have the binding tape done prior to switching out my 1/4" foot with my walking foot - it was so nice to not have to stop in the middle of quilting to make this! Really kept up my momentum. I'm going to have to do this from now on!

 Another new thing - unrolling it as I sew it on... often times it is flapping around everywhere, coming undone. This way was so much nicer and less stressful!

 Ahh the last stretch!

 Here is the zigzag stitch up close!

Look at all that quilting goodness! 

 Whoa! I thought I wasn't going to have enough of the stripped binding tape... I'm happy that I did!

 Putting the scraps from this project into the scrap bin and the leftover yardage back on the shelf.

 Oh my! Look how manageable my sewing basket is!

Ready for sewing on the binding by hand! 

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