Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Finish Along Quarter 2

I wasn't able to post any finishes during Quarter 1 of the Finish Along for 2015, but that's ok... I'm rolling with the rhythm that my crafting mojo is setting.  I've learned a few things about my crafting fitting into our day to day routine this session though and I'm hoping that making adjustments and changes will help me spend a little more time doing what I love.

Like last time, I only have a few projects to enter Quarter 2

First Project: Scrappy Log Cabin Quilt

This project is carrying over from last quarter.  I wasn't anticipating changing gears from machine quilting to hand quilting. The hand quilting slowed me down - but I'm LOVING the result of hand quilting!  This one should be a finish since I only have the binding and the label to do. I'm getting excited to be able to snuggle up with this one on the couch. Almost there!

Second Project: Mom's Quilt 

This is another carry over from Quarter 1. A quilt for my mom.

Third Project: Large Pouch Mother Day Presents

This is a very necessary project - my mothers day presents for my sister and mom. I want to make them zippered pouches using this tutorial. I'm crossing my fingers that I get these done with enough time to send them out for mother's day!

Fourth Project: Liam's Birthday Corner Quilt 

Liam's birthday is in four months! Did I type that correctly? Yes, four months!!! My goodness, in four months he will be one year old. My heart can't keep up with how fast it flies by! For his first birthday I've wanted to give him his very own reading corner in the house. I have had this book since it was first published and I have been wanting to make one of the ABC quilts in it - but just haven't had the right motivation to start it until now. I just purchased the DMC floss I would need and finally I can start stitching! I'm looking forward to learning a few new stitches in this process as well!

Fifth Project: Baby Quilt 

Friends of ours have just given birth to a baby, and since we will be on the Mainland during the summer - I wanted to make them a quilt to show how much we love them and are joyful in the blessing of this new addition to their family. They called this baby their "rainbow baby"... because it was a blessing from the Lord.

Sixth Project: Toy Bag

A good friend of mine recently gave me a birthday present wrapped in a fabric bag. I wanted to use this bag and change it into a drawstring bag for Liam's toys.

Here are my five projects for the Second Quarter of the Finish Along! Happy Sewing Everybody!

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side


  1. I really like the S is for stitch book. When I was pregnant with my Munchkin (now 18 months), I made squishy blocks using the pattern in that book, spelling out his name. And our girl's name, since we didn't find out gender. I had a lot of fun with the embroidery patterns. Good luck with Q2!

    1. Hi Emily! =) Thank you for stopping by! We didn't find out the gender of our little guy either so it was a bit hard to get into the quilting flow for him. But now sewing projects for him are all I can think about! I'm new to embroidery so working through the book is really starting to expand my knowledge of different stitches. Thanks for the warm wishes! Good luck to you too! Aloha.