Monday, April 27, 2015

Prepping for the week

Oh the weekend seems to have flown by! I have been trying to be better about being consistent in cooking breakfast for us.  The Saturday morning Farmer's market for fresh produce and our homemade placemats seem to be the motivation in the operation breakfast success this week.

Did you notice the patchwork above?! Yes that is correct! There has been machine sewing! I bought this pattern and I have my heart set on finishing them to send to my sister and mom for mother's day. I spent all Friday night cutting and pinning so that on Saturday morning I would be able to get on my machine and do some patchwork.

Did you know that practice makes better... and oh how I am so out of practice in sewing patchwork. My points don't match up in so many areas... but that's ok. I tell myself it doesn't have to be perfect... it just has to reflect where I am in my current skill level (which is obviously in need of more practice!)  - and it has to convey a lot of love. Oh how I hope it carries over!

The weekend flew by in a flurry of activity but to be honest the memories that I held close were the ones that happened right here. At home. Like how right now Liam loves to clap. And oh how we love clapping with him. Blocks are also a love right now. Oh how this little boy loves to take down towers that we stack for him. Ross is good about stacking his blocks in different areas of the play area that Liam has to crawl to.

In between the playing and the naps and the feeding and cleaning - crafting was done! Oh how wonderful those moments are when stitches can be added or a row can be sewn! I find myself utilizing a lot of the weekend time in preparation for crafting to take place during the week. During the weekend is when I trace the blocks for the S is for Stitch quilt to be stitched for the week. I'm challenging myself to stitch up seven blocks this week! And my mother's day present projects are all basted and ready for hand quilting. Chase over at 1/4" mark has written up a wonderful tutorial on hand quilting and I have been reading it over and over to prepare for sewing up these wonderful Kinchaku bags! I'm excited to get started!

My sampler by Alica Paulson is going well. I stitched up that little boat this weekend. It is such a lovely project. I was hesitant at first because it is stitched up on linen... but surprising enough I find that linen is a lot easier to stitch on than aida! Who would have thought! This just goes to show me that I need to continue to try new things. And oh how these projects have kept me learning new things!

The sewing basket is all prepped and ready for action! Oh how exciting! Even if nothing gets finished - at least the potential for crafting is there! And that makes me so happy!

I must get going. I am writing this post in bed with my laptop and although Ross is being a good sport, I know that he will sleep better without the glow. So good night everybody! I hope you dream of happy crafting endeavors!

Oh! That kale dish is this - one of my favorite ways to utilize kale. This dish probably makes it way to our table at least twice a month! It's a winner!



  1. Gorgeous photos! Glad I've found your blog. Loving your sewing projects. Enjoy, J9x

    1. Thanks for stopping by! =) Thanks so much for your kind words! =)