Monday, June 22, 2015


Reflecting. I've been doing a lot of that while here in San Diego. My thoughts lately have been seeing those that I love and grew up with through new eyes - through Liam's eyes. And when I see the circle of people that love and nurtured me into who I am today - I am so humbled by their generosity of time and attention. It makes me wonder if I am giving the same time and attention to those in my circle back home. Oh how I hope that is the case!

 Growing up there were many people who influenced my adult life. Models that I took after reflecting upon what type of adult, wife, or mother I wanted to be.  I got to meet up with a special family during our visit in San Diego, friends that I grew up with. My friend is actually the one that introduced me to sewing. I made skirts one afternoon with her. We went to the fabric store, bought fabric and a pattern and made two skirts. I don't know where those two skirts went - but oh the memory is lasting in my mind.

Even in the midst of a bustling city - this place has been a sort of refuge for me. A place where we gather around and catch up on life over tea and biscuits. A place where we gather to sing and figure out harmonies. A place to cuddle up on the couch with a classic book and discuss the flaws and strengths of the protagonist.

Upon reflecting - I have taken a lot from this family's rhythm into my own. And sometimes it is wonderful to come back to the place that inspired you in the beginning - that made such a lasting impression on you as a person - and gather and talk and remember.

Liam's pants were blogged about here. And oh how I have loved seeing them on him as he gathers new experiences for himself in my old and familiar haunts.

It has been such a amazing first week here. Life is so big and wonderful and sweet.

 My cup - oh how it overflows.

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