Friday, June 19, 2015


Oh these Quick Change Trousers from this book, how wonderful you sew up! After a trip to Joann's to stock up on thread, they are finished! They are a bit wonky because of my first time sewing on my mom's machine. I'm still trying to get use to threading it. But I'm in love with them! And I love the memory that they carry - pants for his adventures here during his stay with Papa and Grandma.

It has been so wonderful to chase him around the house that I grew up in. What is most wonderful is watching my mom come home from work so excited to see him. Or also equally as wonderful,  my dad sitting beside him as he bangs against the screen calling to their dog Clarabelle in his little ten month old language (Haaaaa! Haaaaaaaa!). Slowly he is opening up to my parents. He lets them carry him around now and actually goes to them. While he is still warming up to my sister - I know it is just a matter of time before they become fast friends.

It's so wonderful - this ability to create something for your child. An item that carries love and thought and care. I get so excited to see his little handmades dirty or with stains on them. Because aren't those just proofs of his experiencing life in his mama handmades? And experiences I want oh so much for this little precious person of mine.

So go crawl and discover and experience little man. Mama is with you. xoxo

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