Thursday, June 26, 2014

New Things

I was able to make a couple of stops of Joanns while we were in San Diego. I'm so jealous of the modern selections that I was able to find... oh if I lived back in SD... but since I don't I stocked up on some cute prints... primarily for baby things. I don't have a plan - just grabbed a half a yard of anything that made me happy. 
I got some new notions too... Cotton thread, more basting pins, and some adorable linen ribbon and craft string for when I make drawstring bags. 

I was able to find some chenille too - I bought a couple of yards. They don't carry it in Hawaii. I guess it might be too warm of a material to work with... but I'm looking forward to using it for burp cloths and bibs. =) Some nice teal terri cloth found its way home as well.

Oh my goodness. I'm so inspired to start working on baby things! =) I''ll keep you posted of new developments. =)

Happy Sewing!

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