Friday, June 27, 2014

Family Heirloom Quilt

I taught myself how to sew from tutorials on the internet a year and a half ago and have been so excited to continue to learn and grow with the completion of each project. So, with that being said - I didn't grow up with a quilting grandmother. But yesterday my husband's mother gave me the his old baby blanket that her mother had made him. It's a traditional hawaiian quilt - all made by hand. The appliqué is so beautiful and the echo stitching so even. I told my mother-in-law I was going to turn it into a wall hanging because I was too scared to use it and maybe even stain it in anyway. She kindly asked me to not hang it - but to use it for the coming baby. After thinking about it, I can see her point. Quilts that have so much love wrapped up in their work need to be used... It's almost a crime to not use them.  I think it passes on love and thoughtfulness to those who get to use it. I feel the same about my own quilts. I love seeing them being used. 

Although this quilt is already so special - it is made even more special seeing as how my husband's grandmother passed away this year. How extraordinary - even though she isn't with us anymore - love and warm wishes get passed onto this great grandchild of hers. 

The colors and fabric choices also speak of a different time. My husband's grandmother used whatever fabric was available. During her memorial a friend of hers said that she grew up in a hard way. She was the oldest of the siblings and had to take care of everyone. Thriftiness can be seen in her work. It's scrappy and beautiful. I am so honored and blessed to be a part of a craft that is able to pass on a heritage and love. I am super blessed to be in possession of this family heirloom. 

Do you have any stories about family heirloom quilts? 


  1. What a great gift, it's beautiful!

    1. Thanks Christine! =) I have to agree with you. =)