Friday, August 22, 2014


 My sewing basket as of late... small projects that usually only take a few hours now appear to take days. There just doesn't seem to be the time or the energy to finish them. In my basket there are two pressing projects that need completion:  placemats that my sister made that just need binding and some more burp cloths that need finishing.

If I could have foreseen how important all other sewing other than burp cloths would have been - I would have spent months sewing stacks of these things! Silly me, when I made them I thought that six would be enough. More like sixty are needed! In my basket I have twelve more burp cloths backed in chenille and terry cloth that are waiting top stitching... Sigh... soon. Hopefully soon.

 My sister put these together as her first sewing project while she was here for three weeks waiting for baby Liam to come. Didn't she do such a great job! All the while helping us with cooking and housework when baby Liam was here! Such a talented multi-tasker I tell you!  I valued her presence here so much! She really helped ease my transition into motherhood so nicely by answering all of my questions and helping me with caring and feeding my son.
 Have you heard of fenugreek tea? My mom sent me a whole bag of loose leaf tea. It is suppose to help with breast milk production. I didn't realize how stressful it would be to feed my son. In the movies it looks so easy... so natural. Liam and I struggled for weeks to find our way to confidence. After days and days of tears on both our ends and so many prayers - we finally found our way.

 Having a husband that works for the school has so many benefits. One of them is having a presence when teachers are getting rid of old educational material. And I tell you - Ross brought back a haul! A whole truck load of books, legos, blocks, dinosaurs, and board games. Although Liam won't be old enough to play with them for some time - we are excited to have them on hand for when he will want to play with it... and the best part of it was that it was all free! The two lower shelves of books in the above picture came from the school. The two shelves on the top actually came from loved ones that sent out books so we could start building Liam's home library. There are so many wonderful titles!

So... when you had your first child did you clean all of their toys? I went a bit crazy and cleaned every book and washed every toy that Ross brought home. It took my sister and I going at it for thee days. I'm trying to tell myself it's because these things came from the school where there is a high traffic of contact and germs... not because I suffer from it's my first baby I'm going to make sure everything is clean syndrome. Obviously not. =) I do feel better that when Liam is ready to play with these things, they have been cleaned though!
 I am still missing my sister and niece so acutely. I took a snap shot of my niece's drawings that she had left on our fridge. Every time I pass by it makes me so happy. =)

And here is a shot of Liam at two weeks old. He's so tiny. He can fit under his burp cloth. He seems to change every day though... a new alertness to his eyes... a change in the shape of his cheeks... his hair getting longer... sigh... it goes by so fast and I long to hold on to each and every moment. Do you know how much you are loved little one? Or how much joy you bring to my heart? Hold my hand and never let go... 


  1. The burp clothes look great! Isn't it so nice having a sister around to help? Mine was here a couple months and I miss her so much! Your baby is so cute, sweet and adorable!

    1. Thank you Christine! It was wonderful having my sister around to help. I don't know how I would have done it without her! Thank you so much! Liam is so wonderful and such a blessing!