Sunday, August 31, 2014

Making For My Love

I'm learning that practical sewing things like burp cloths that are used moment by moment bring me the most joy. There is nothing like hand making something that will be used for someone that you love. A handmade item that will bring them comfort or make their space more comfortable. Wonderful!

Before Liam was born I made six burp cloths (blogged here) and thought that six was enough. My thinking was that I'd use one everyday and then wash it at the end of the week. What a novice mistake! Currently we go through two or three a day depending on the amount of spit up!

So while my sister was here... two weeks after Liam was born and I felt up to sitting at my machine... I cut out a dozen pieces of chenille and terri cloth and fabric from my stash for more burp cloths. Yesterday I finally finished them. They are now washed and ready for use. I can't describe the peace that has come knowing that I have a larger stash of these very practical items.

Whenever I reach for one... knowing that I made something with my hands to help clean and comfort my child... it is such a complete feeling. A whole feeling.

The chenille is far my favorite fabric to use for the backing. It is so soft and Liam likes cuddling with it while he falls asleep after he eats. Oh my beautiful baby boy... you grow moment by moment. It's going so fast... I can barely catch my breath. Thank you for bringing such joy to my life.

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