Thursday, August 28, 2014

Quiet Moments

Ahhh... moments like this... when Liam is cozy and napping... when the house is quiet for a moment... I am torn between the ever growing list of things I should clean or cook... but instead  what do I do? I take a selfish moment to go on Facebook and my blog. Why? Because reaching out and existing in a community - even if it is a virtual one - is like a healing balm during this time of isolation.

Everyone said get as much sleep as you can before the baby is born. I wish sleep was like a savings account - where you could store it up and then withdraw from it's energy stores as needed - but alas it is not. So Liam and I continue to get snatches of sleep - an hour here and an hour there. But those moments when he is awake and he looks at me with a pucker to his mouth... or that rare occasion when he smiles... it still takes my breath away. And through the sleep deprivation I feel a settle in my core that continues to remind me that I am so so blessed.

Baby Liam - you are so loved.

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