Sunday, November 3, 2013

A lot of random and a bit of confession

 Osaka Style Okonomiyaki (savory pancake) 
 Do you work while looking at things that inspire you? 
 The wind has been so strong! The sound of the palms and coconut trees make such a soothing sound!
 With the on and off again rain I managed a shot of the clouds while the rain was taking a break
 When you see this do you think pies and breads like me? 
 Because he asked...

Ross' favorite cookie 

The evening has been so nice. We got home from church and I made a dinner that again reminds of me of all of my Oahu family. We use to make Okonomiyaki (a type of savory pancake) on Thursday nights - it was also a favorite food to make for dinner parties with all of my International Grad Student Friends. We use to do International style potlucks - everyone would make something from their home country... since we were an international lot there was food represented from Japan, Korea, Philippines (me!), Vietnam, and Canada. Those were good times. 

So when I miss places that I've been, I tend to make food from those places. It is nice the way that you're transported back to a place and time that made you happy - and now I can make them here and share them with Ross who makes me very very happy. =) He liked the Okonomiyaki. He said he normally doesn't eat food like this - but for some reason it tasted really good to him. He also requested that I make peanut butter cookies for our after school treat. How could I say no to that! ::smile:: 

And since the weather has been so nice and cool and the rain has been coming down so pleasantly, I thought it was a very nice evening to be able to do some baking. 

I've been working on the fourth block for the wall hanging for my friend D. It is the sea horse. This is one of my favorite blocks. The sea horses remind me of the little mermaid and her friends.... my ultimate favorite Disney movie. 

 I have a bit of a confession to make... Do you sometimes pull up pictures on your computer of sewing projects that inspire you while you work or is it just me? Well, Chase's work - over at quarter inch mark is one of my daily doses of inspiration. I pulled up one of her projects on my laptop for eye candy when I look up from my own hand work.... it is such a pretty sight!!! Isn't it nice? Being able to look at the wonderful work that everyone else is doing in their own creative way! Blogs have really changed the crafting community haven't they?! 

What inspires you? 
~ K 

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