Sunday, November 24, 2013

New Morning - New Project

Do you ever wake up one morning to realize that you have a lot less time to make something special for someone special in your life? That happened to me this morning. 

My parents will be coming to visit us here on the island on the 12th of December, and I still haven't put together their anniversary quilt. Their anniversary was on the 19th of November, but I wasn't able to get my act together after being sick for so long... 

I only know 2 things about this project. I want it to be made out of fabrics that I have used in our own Coming Home Quilt  and I wanted it to be made out of 1/2 triangles - the technique I used to make my  first quilt. Other than that - I don't really have a plan, which can be nerve wracking at times. 

So I'm crossing my fingers and seeing where this project will lead... 

Happy Sewing everyone! 

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