Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New Goals

Daily morning devotional time is one of my new goals 
 I have a new notebook primarily for blogging ideas...
 It looks so cute coming together!!!
 I heart patchwork! 
 Perfect for threads for my current projects! 

This morning I woke up and I was determined to make changes. The first being my morning devotional time. I use to be so good about being consistent - but lately I haven't been as consistent as I would like. So, this morning God blessed me with a sunrise that looked so soft and beautiful I couldn't help but be drawn to a quiet moment with Him.

During my devotionals I've been wanting to focus on the idea of compassion. It seems like a lot of my trials lately have been concerning compassions for people that I normally wouldn't have compassion for... but God has been teaching me - and I have been having more victories that I have failures - I of course owe it to His grace.

Another goal is that I want to contemplate more about this space in a productive way - not just that day dreaming form of thinking that I usually do - but a productive type of thinking. Where goals are made and where tangible products result.  So, I decided to utilize all of my productive goal building musings into a cute little notebook I've had for a while but just didn't know what to do with it. (Don't you love it when random things are bought and then eventually purposes arise!) In this notebook I want to document all of my thoughts concerning my bog - What do I want to include in my posts. What are goals, long term projects, short term projects, quotes that inspire me - anything blogging related will go now in this cute little notebook. Do you have your own blogging/sewing notebook as well?

When I look at past posts I realize that I have mostly progress on long term projects. That can get boring after a while doesn't it? So, a new goal of mine is to complete a small project every week that I can write about. These small projects that take an hour or two I'm finding can be very rewarding.

Take this fabric basket that I made up in an a couple of hours from Ayumi's tutorial  (can you tell that I'm addicted to Ayumi's tutorials?). I was able to finish then in between the hours from when I came home from work and when my Wednesday piano student came over. Can you say, "amazing!!!!".  I used 2" scraps that I had previously cut and that saved up so much time!

This little basket in definitely on my favorite lists of quick projects to make. I might have to save this project for next year mother's day - wouldn't it be perfect to hold a bundle of homemade cookies?

Do you have any new goals that you're working on lately?

Happy Sewing!

Edited: I just realized after looking at other people's baskets closely, that my handles are too long! Then I double checked with the tutorial and realized that I didn't cut the one handle in half, but I actually made two handles that are about 10 inches long! But I like it like this - it's easier to carry. Next time I make one though I will be sure to correct this problem... they kind of look like bunny ears. =)

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