Saturday, November 16, 2013

Feeling Human Again

Since my last post I've been sick with a very bad cold virus that has left me in no mood for cooking, cleaning, or being creative. It has been about two weeks and I'm finally starting to feel more like myself again. Does that happen to you? When you're sick does everything suddenly take the backseat to surviving?

During the weeks that I was feeling a lot  little less then human, a package from a new shop that I discovered, westwoodacres, arrived. In one of my previous posts I talked about how when I took stock of my very small stash, it seemed like everything was intended for baby quilts. I felt like my stash was in dire need of more mature colors. One of my favorite reads right now is Chase's blog. I love her use of colors and style, and most of all her hand quilting. She introduced me to Denyse Schmidt's fabric lines. I bought two fat quarter bundles from westwoodacres, as well as some type print that I'm wanting to start stocking for my stash. I'm really excited to finish up some projects that I have on my table so I can start playing with these new additions.

I managed to finish the appliqué for the last block to go into the Walker wall hanging! Although the picture isn't very good this pattern is actually one of my favorites. The sea horses look so happy don't they? I'm hoping to put the sashing on it soon!

I managed to be able to venture outside and head to our local farmer's market. Rambutans are in season!!! I love how they taste so delicate. I also managed to grab some organic asparagus. The guys that sell it always run out so fast! I managed to grab the last bundle ::smile:: At the farmer's market there are also vendors from our town that sell food. My favorite vendor is one that sells Thai food. I've been missing the spicy flavors of Thai curry and Pad Tai. Whenever I get a plate from them, I always look forward to sharing Thai food with Ross when he gets home from Jujitsu.

It has been such a windy day today. Ross and I stayed home for the most part and decontaminated the house of sicky germs. Oh how nice it is when we can breathe and not feel like we are breathing in sick germs that will only reinfect us! I'm so grateful for him - that he helps so much around the house.

Since I was feeling better I wanted to do a bit of baking. Strawberry Oatmeal Bars  have been on my to bake list for a while now, so since we had all the ingredients in stock - I thought today was the perfect day to try them out. I used 1-minute quick oats so they turned out a bit crumbly, but the flavor is really good regardless. Ross really likes them. I'm catching him sneaking back to the kitchen for bites in between breaks during his X-box game. (He likes to play games while he unwinds and I think it is perfect because that gives me a chance to get some sewing in!)

The first bit of sewing that I've managed to do has been to start basting the small hexagons onto the quilt top for my sister. I feel like hand projects are just the right amount of sewing that I want to do to get back into the swing of things. I've missed the slow rhythmic movements of hand sewing. It has been so nice to sit and stitch while drinking tea (honey lemon tea has been my favorite tea right now - it is the only thing that seems to relieve the tightness in my throat and chest). I've been using a mug that I found from the thrift store for only a dollar lately - it has been my favorite cup. Don't you love thrift store finds?  I'm hoping to be able to continue crafting and blogging because to be honest I've really missed it. I've been really bummed that I haven't been able to sew for a couple of weeks. Isn't it a horrible feeling - seeing your projects on your table but not having the energy or clarity of mind to pick it up?

So tonight - I am looking forward to a simple dinner, a lot of tea, and stitches and stitches and stitches  to be accomplished while Ross and I settle into a quiet evening at home - my favorite kind of evening!

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