Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Morning

Do you ever wake up on Sunday morning with the urge to sew? Well, I was dreaming of this step last night... I finished making the smaller hexagons yesterday and I've been so excited to start appliquéing these hexagons onto the quilt top. Adding these little guys totally changes the dynamics of the quilt top. I'm so excited to start! I didn't get very far - I only got as far as laying them out and then pinning them down. When we get home from church I might try and start doing some basting on it... I'm wanting to do the appliqué by hand. Sound crazy? I think it will be alright. ::smile:: There are more opportunities to put even more love into this quilt for my sister.... I'm just hoping that I will finish on time for her birthday in February. Aren't the colors wonderfully cheerful? I was scared that the color pallet would be too little girl for her - but I am very happy with it so far. It is very spring time - and that's what I feel she really needs. Something fresh - that speaks of new beginnings and comfort and love.

Day light savings time just passed. Although we don't have to turn our clocks back over here in Hawaii, my family in California does. That means that we are only two hours apart in time difference. It makes it a lot easier - trying to catch them on the weekends. I woke up around 6:30 over here and called my parents to talk to them, it was nice being able to hear about their morning. They were talking about getting ready for church, and putting the final touches on their potluck contributions. Mom was talking about using a new recipe for desert, and talking about how dad didn't add peas to a dish that is suppose to have peas.... her banter made my heart happy. It made me feel like I was sitting on a stool at their kitchen counter listening to her talk as she prepared things, and it just made me smile. Like I was back to being a kid in the home again.

I can't believe it is November already! My dad's birthday and my parent's anniversary is in November. I asked Dad what he wanted, and he told me he wanted a handmade present. I was doing a bit of sweating because I knew he would say that. I've been so absorbed with my current projects I forgot to add a birthday present for him to the forefront. My love of handmade things comes from my father actually. I think his love language is giving gifts, cause since I could remember he has loved handmade things. From handmade cards, to scrapbooks, he has wanted presents where thought and love were placed in it. I've been thinking about doing a mini 7x7 scrapbook album and then doing a quilted drawstring bag to wrap it in... thing is, I better get started because his birthday is on the 14 and I still have to send it!!!! ::smile:: This will be fun to put together. I think I"m looking forward to the push.

Do you have someone in your life whose love language is gift giving? Do they positively glow upon receiving handmade things? Those are my favorite people to give gifts to... ::smile::

Happy Sewing!

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