Friday, November 1, 2013

Random: So far

I've been writing about how thick the vog has been and how unproductive it has made me... well, yesterday we got a bit of rain - not a lot, but enough it seems to clean the air and make it cool again. I was excited to be able to have the day off today and not have to worry about trying to sew with oppressive humidity. The trade winds kept me company as I worked on my sister's quilt top... it seems like this is the only October project that I will not be able to cross off my list - ::sigh:: but I am ok with it. ::smile:: Because I could be finished with it if I decided to not put the smaller hexagons on, but I decided that I wanted to go all the way and add that extra touch.

My sister and I got a chance to talk the other day and it seems like she is feeling discouraged because of her responsibilities as a mother, wife, and grad student. Right now she is just really overwhelmed. Understandably so... I remember what my last year of grad school was - I couldn't imagine having to do it while raising three young children and supporting a husband whose work often takes him away from home for long periods of the week. I really look up to her and the journey that she has decided to take. I tried to think of the many reasons why she is one of my heroes as I continued to sew piece by piece.

So far I've finished piecing the large hexagons together... it is such a nice size. I was actually contemplating of just leaving it at the large hexagons and not putting on the smaller ones - but when I did a couple of samples and then held them up against the larger hexagons, I knew I'd have to add that last touch. So - this project might get stretched out a couple of more weeks... and I'm ok with that because I'm excited for how the overall quilt top will look. I know I keep putting pictures up of what appears to be the same quilt top - but actually not so... every time I take pictures of it it is because I have added something to it. I like to document the changes as they progress... and I'm finding that I like to blog about the changes - what a wonderful diary of productivity.

With the coming of the rain it makes me hungry for comfort foods. I've been feeling really homesick for the hanai (adopted) family I have back on Oahu, so I made beef curry. I don't have a picture of it but I made chicken katsu as well to go with the curry. It reminds me of when I use to work on Oahu, right across from the language school I taught at was a wonderful curry shop where I'd get katsu curry all the time. It was Korean run and they served really spicy kimchee with it as a side. I'd go there at least twice a month after work to enjoy a good plate of katsu curry while I corrected my student's papers. Isn't it funny how food can carry memories? I'm learning that anything tangible carries memories - as I work more and more with fabric, each piece of fabric carries a memory... the prints on it tell a story - and when you combine pieces from different lines, you're crafting your own story...

What stories do you find yourself thinking about while you sew?

Happy Sewing!

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