Wednesday, September 23, 2015


There are so many newly started projects on my table right now that my head is spinning from all of it. I have so many ideas that are just taking over and my pile of WIPs are now starting to stack at an alarming rate.  I notice that it is the projects that I am the most excited about that get finished. So I try to roll with whatever my hands want to work on. Eventually things get finished.  I am just not one of those finish one project and then start another kind of crafters.  And I'm ok with that. Because crafting time is very precious and I want to make sure that I am working on something that I love at that moment verses something that I feel obligated to do.  I am also trying something new and trying to fully focus my attention on the task at hand.  That means closing the book I am also trying to read.  Or closing my computer as I try to read other blogs.  Focus. Focus. Focus.

But I digress.

Let me get to the point of this whole post.  My I spy quilt.  This little I spy quilt came together so easily as a top. But quilting it seemed more than my little machine wanted to do. In my head I wanted to quilt it with intersecting lines going the other way, but my machine had other ideas. So after a week of trying and seam ripping, quilting and seam ripping, quilting -  you get the idea right? Well, I gave up and submitted. The binding went on without a hitch so I figured that the quilt was trying to tell me what it wanted to be.

Scrappy is becoming my favorite way to do projects. New fabric is always exciting, but scrappy is where the heart lies in my opinion. Scrappy to me carries the heart. It holds all the love of previous projects given to other loved ones.  A scrappy quilt to me, absorbs all of that love into one tangible project.  In this project I see fabric from my dad's quilt, my son's burp rags, fabric from my first quilt ever made for Ross' brother's son.  So many fabrics. So many faces. So many memories.  It's beautiful - the way that textile holds such tangible emotion. All that is left to do is the binding and the label, and then this little quilt will be ready for my friend's son. His birthday is in December. That gives me plenty of time. If you know anything about me, I have issues about getting things out in the mail. So I'm crossing my fingers that that horrible habit will break and I will send it on time!

What are you working on? Are you like me with too many started WIPs? Or do you tend to finish one thing before moving onto another? I'd like to know how you craft if you feel so inclined to share!


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  1. Hey Karisma!

    It looks fantastic so far, I think you've got plenty of quilting to hold it together. I'm currently working on a couple projects, both with recipients. So far, I haven't made any quilts just for me (or just because), other than small projects. When I finally get an idea about what I want to do, I run with it. I usually try to finish one project before starting the next, but I'm already stressing a bunch about Christmas - two more queen sized quilts need to be done. I'm not worried about the piecing, but I know the quilting is going to take time and if I give them to my quilter (which I'd like to do), I know they likely won't get done before Christmas.

    The short answer (now that I've bored you with the long answer, haha) is that I tend to finish one thing before going on to the next =P it's just easier that way, in my opinion. Looks great though, just keep truckin' along!

    1. Hi Aubrey! Thanks so much. I totally applauded your work style - you must get so much done! I have to admit, I'm sure it is easier that way. I just wish I had the personality to do it! Wow, two queen sized quilts, oh my. Your style is so beautiful, I'm sure they are going to be lovely! Thanks so much for stopping by and for sharing. It is so interesting to read about other people's processes! Aloha!

  2. Ha! Your first paragraph is like you're reading my mind!! Like you, my craft time is precious, as it feels quite rare between all the mummy and house duties, etc. So I often struggle with what I should do when I do have a little bit of sewing time - and I often feel guilty as I feel like I 'should' finish a project that I have had half finished for ages, rather than start something new! Crazy hey?! But I agree with you, it is better to go with the flow and do what makes your heart happy at the time, that way you are truly going to enjoy the crafty therapy and be recharged to help you keep tackling all the other responsibilities in life.
    Your quilting on the I spy quilt looks great, despite your struggles. Your on the home stretch now to finishing this WIP at least, yay! ANd in plenty of time before you need to post it - extra bonus points!! Kelly

    1. Kelly, I know huh! I have to admit that sometimes when I am running really hard with the crafting mojo that sometimes things don't get done house wise. I have been so driven to create this week that my bathroom hamper is about to drown us out. So today I'm going to have to buckle down and get back into the household rhythm. But I couldn't have said it better - crafting is TOTALLY therapeutic, and therapy should be happy and not stressful. Eventually things get done. Right? ::wink:: Thanks for the hand holding with the quilting on this little monster of a quilt. I'm so over it that I would finish it just to get it out of my house lol. Have a great Thursday Kelly! Aloha.