Monday, September 21, 2015

Early Sunday Mornings

There is a chill to the air. And rain - glorious cool to the touch rain. The summer heat and humidity are becoming a memory and I am ready to welcome the cooler weather that the wet season will bring. In the early mornings it is still dark when I slip out of bed to turn on the light in the kitchen, turn on the coffee maker, make a cup of creamy goodness. As soon as that first warm sip hits my lips it's like there is an explosion of fabric and thread and patterns at the kitchen table. These early morning moments are so precious.  When dreams are still fresh and the feeling of thread going into fabric helps to settle me into the rhythm of the day. A reminder - we can only do one stitch at a time. One breath at a time. And then the little pitter patter of unsteady feet echo down the hallway. Yes, this little boy can get down from bed all by himself now. And yes my heart still tingles at that realization.  Soon - he will stand at the end of the hallway looking for me. And when he finds me his smile will warm my heart. His little arms will reach out for me and I will scoop him up into my arms and we will go about opening up the house for the day. The doors and the windows. Looking for any birds that might be visiting within our eyesight. After a few kisses he will have a few moments of independent play while I go about putting my projects away and getting the table ready for breakfast. Quilts need to be folded from last night's cuddles during a movie. It is quilt season in the island. Early Sunday Mornings are the best in my opinion.  


  1. Sounds as though Sunday mornings are wonderful at your house! xx

    1. They mostly are. =) I love the feel and pace of them. So slow. =) Have a great week Amy!

  2. They sound great, I love the idea of starting the day with some quiet sewing. Your writing and photos are lovely. I feel very peaceful now!

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