Thursday, September 24, 2015

Story Rocks

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up" ~ Pablo Pacasso 

Oh how true those words are. Drawing is never something I really took too.  Making pictures were never something I thought I excelled at. I think I delighted more in crocheting as a child then I did doing art projects. But there is something so delightful about drawing and painting.  Motherhood, I am learning, is giving me an amazing opportunity to rediscover the joy of crafting in different mediums as I create things for Liam.

Story rocks have been on my inspiration board for a long while.  All of those white rocks that Liam and I have been gathering at the beach were always gathered in my mind for this sole purpose.  Story rocks.  Inspired from this book .

I started our set with six little rocks to begin with. Originally intended to teach a bible story to a children's workshop for the children at church during fall break, but these rocks really have an amazing ability to be anything and everything we want in so many different stories.  That's the beauty of it.  As we add more story rocks to our collection, the number of stories we are able to tell are limitless.

The process that I used to make them was very simple.  I cleaned my rocks really well and then set them to dry.  Then I sketched what I wanted my pictures to look like in a sketch book and then traced them onto the rocks in pencil.  I used acrylic paints to paint them and then I outlined them with a sharpie.  The sharpie really came in handy when doing the eyes.  I chose to leave the mouth off on the other little people after I did the baby because I didn't want to limit them to the single emotion of being happy by adding smiles.

Overall I am really happy with the end results and I am looking forward to doing more.  I am really trying to overcome my fearful thoughts of "I can't draw" and am working towards the joy that comes in just making pictures.

Happy Thursday everybody! Aloha.


  1. Sweet idea for story play. Reminds me that I need to break out my own brushes and paints soon! It will be a wonderful day when Liam can use them to tell you the story!! Keep on creating :) Love and hugs, Ann

    1. Hi Ann! =) I think so too. I look forward to that day as well. Thanks so much for your encouragement!