Thursday, September 17, 2015

In the Kitchen: Rest

The kitchen has been quiet this week. Ross was sick with the flu all last week so I have been on my own with Liam. I didn't realize how much of a team we were until he was unable to flow with the natural rhythm of the family. I learn to appreciate him more and more during moments like this. I recall all that he does -  those moments that as soon as he is home he drops what he is doing to play with Liam. The way that they share a popsicle for an afternoon treat. The way those moments of play and treats add up to minutes of time when my mind can wander and create and dream. When he gives Liam a bath so that I can have a shower uninterrupted.  All those little moments of the day - how much he gives. How much I am learning to appreciate.  After a whole week of soups and teas - easy things in the kitchen like sandwiches have been all we want to eat. And those meals we are finding are very satisfying indeed. Less time spent in the kitchen has meant more moments for us to rest and recover and reconnect.  I am looking forward to our family rhythm getting back to its usual pace - where I am able to spend more time in the kitchen. Especially since the cooler weather is starting to come. I dream of baking breads and soups and chilies and every good yummy and soul satisfying thing. But for now, a sandwich and a coffee - yes please.


  1. Sorry to hear Ross has been sick with the dreaded flu. Hope he's feeling much better soon. That is one positive thing out of the negative of him being sick, is realising what a great team you are together and what a wonderful support he is within your family. I'm very lucky and thankful to have such a wonderful husband too, that supports me so much and is a great father to our kids. Take care, Kelly

    1. Thank you Kelly. =) That flu was killer. I am so glad that it is out the door! But you are totally right, we really do appreciate them! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. Husbands are such gifts from God - thank you for reminding me so eloquently in this post. Best wishes to Ross that he never gets the flu again. Health is an excellent thing! Blessings on you all!!!! Love and hugs, Ann

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