Sunday, September 29, 2013

A bit of functional crochet

Sometimes when you have the most time to do big sewing projects do you feel the least inclined to do them? Maybe that's just a me thing - but that was how I felt yesterday. 

Ross left after work on Friday to go night hunting with a couple of his cousins on the southern part of the island. So that meant a whole day to work on the projects in my sewing basket. I could have worked on a wall hanging for a friend, made cushions for the living room with my new fabric, or worked on my blocks that I'm doing for a virtual quilt along.... but no. 

I wasn't in the mood to set up my machine, the ironing board, my cutting mats, etc... I wanted quiet - and slow hand movements where I didn't have to measure or cut or to be honest think very much. 

So I found myself making very functional although very boring crochet potholders while watching Call the Midwife (one of my favorite series right now!!!) on Netflix. 

They're about 27 chain length, all done with a single stitch. I made them double layered and then closed off the layers with a single stitch border. They're very thick and don't burn my hands when I take stuff out of the oven which is a plus!. They were a very much needed addition to the kitchen seeing as how I've been using folded dish towels to take stuff out of the oven... and when I find myself rushing and not folding them correctly they tend to get singed on the burner at the bottom if they graze it. I have many a singe marks on my towels to testify to their abuse.... 

I plan on doing perhaps one more brown one seeing as I have the brown yarn in my stash. Don't you love it when you make something useful with things that you already have? I find it as one of the best feelings... it's right up there with a chocolate paired with a creamy cup of coffee.... ahhhh.... happy moments. 

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