Friday, September 27, 2013

Anniversary Weekend

One year! Man it is crazy how fast this year went! A year ago I got to marry the best and sweetest and most loving man I know. =) 

Our weekend started on Friday night. Ross made reservations at a new restaurant that we both have never been to called Lava Lava.... and man have we found a treasure! The place was very classy local style. Everything was out door and very open and right by the sand and water. There was even live music and hula! A local group from our town was opening for the legendary Henry Kapono. (To be honest I didn't know who he was, but Ross said he was very big and everyone around me was super excited... can you tell I don't keep up much with local music? Or to be honest music in general!) The food was amazing! I got an onion crusted mahi and Ross got a steak. The sauces totally made the dishes. Mine was perfect with just the right amount of orange flavoring....

After dinner we came home and finished up the last three episodes of season one of Revolution on Netflix. Man that series so far is a winner! For those of you thinking that coming home after a romantic dinner might be lame - five months ago I would totally have agreed with you. But since getting our house this past July we haven't been inspired to leave our little nest for long... we love the openness, the cross winds we get, the quiet, and the privacy... it's our favorite place to be. =)

Saturday we went into Kona... instead of getting anniversary presents our plan was to spend a hundred dollars on something for our house. =) Since the island finally got a Pier 1 Imports that was the first place we were going to look. Ross has never been in that store and he was really impressed. While I was looking at serving platters, of course his eye zeroed in on one of the most expensive thing in the store... a beautiful eight seater dining table. After sitting and trying out all the chairs at the table, we walked out of the store with the print outs. We had to make sure the measurements on that baby didn't exceed our dining room space. As soon as we got home - we realized that it did. Hahaha... so back to square one.

I did manage to get some fabric from my local fabric store to make some much needed cushions for the living room though. =) I love blues and greens and browns. Don't you love how fabric speaks to you in a quilt shop. =) The green fabric on the bottom and the teal ones spoke the loudest. =) 

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