Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My first post

Hi everyone! My name is Karisma and I am so excited to finally be starting my own personal blog!!! I am a novice crafter/quilter that has totally been inspired by the other crafting/quilting blogs out on the net and am wanting my own personal outlet to share my creative spirit with. I live on the Big Island of Hawaii with my husband, a local boy from the area. I first started quilting two years ago when I begged my hanai (adopted) auntie to teach me so that I would have something to fill the long quiet hours with. Looking back it's crazy how uncomfortable I was in the quiet. Being from San Diego and then later living on Oahu, I was so use to the beautiful noise and flow of a city. Sometimes I find myself missing the white noise of a city. But often times now I can't imagine living anywhere but here.

I started my quilting journey by learning how to Hawaiian quilt - well, not actually. I've only done appliqué so far. I am currently in the process of putting my 16 blocks together to make a quilt top. This is my "coming home to kuuipo". Kuuipo means sweet heart. These 16 blocks tell the story of our first three years together. The row to the left, with all of the sea creatures show how my husband and I spent our first year in a long distant relationship. He was on the Big Island, and I was living on Oahu finishing my Masters Degree from HPU. The second row is our wedding story. I was able to actually use fabric we used in our wedding! The third row shows the family and that I love, who came and made memories with us during our wedding. Lastly the fourth row shows our first year of marriage. Each of the animals, leaves, and flowers in these blocks tell a story. Hopefully the next few posts I'll be able to tell them. I started appliqueing these blocks by hand when we got back from our honeymoon. I'm so excited to be able to put our quilt top together and start quilting it!

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