Friday, September 20, 2013

Sharing A Space

Today I rushed home from work so excited to get started on making the snack bags for my niece and nephews from Ayumi's tutorial ! I got a lot done too! I got the body of the bag as well as the handles. Before I knew it it was six o'clock... ::sigh:: and dinner had to be started. 

 Do you share a sewing space? Currently I sew in the dining section of our home... the table being my favorite place to sew. There is such amazing lighting! There is enough room for my cutting mats and my sewing machine. The ironing board sits nicely to the corner for me... ah everything is so easy to access and it is so comfortable... until ::sigh:: I run out of time and have to start dinner. 

That means putting everything away in my sewing basket - putting away the cutting mats, my sewing machine, the ironing board, the iron, and all the other tidbits... then vacuuming up all of the stray threads on the floor - crazy how messy sewing can be sometimes! 


Oh! The picture up there of the handles is living proof that I'm starting to get better at top stitching!!! The first couple of times I did it I was horrible! Nothing was straight.... It isn't perfect but I love it in this project. =) 

Dinner was salmon cakes, blanched rainbow chard with lemon and shoyu, and bit of tempura broccoli.  For a starch we had basmati rice. Doesn't the rainbow chard look glorious with all of it's beautiful color?! A teacher from the elementary school left me a sweet note asking if I wanted it. It was from their farm down south in Volcano. For dinner I barely touched anything else! It was so wonderfully earthy. Loved every bite. Thank you Mrs. Hagio! 

Salmon Cakes 
(makes 6 patties)

1 fillet of Salmon cooked and flaked (I used the Alaskan Salmon from Costco that comes individually prepackaged) 
1/2 a small onion or green onion finely diced 
1 lemon's zest and juice 
2 eggs 
1 baked potato without the skin 
Panko breadcrumbs for filling 
Panko for breading
Oil for pan frying 

Mix all of the ingredients together (the filling should be wet but not too wet that everything will fall apart) 
Shape into patties and then bread with the panko breadcrumbs 
Pan fry until brown 
Serve Hot 


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