Sunday, September 29, 2013

Early morning moments

One of my favorite things about getting up in the early morning hours is to watch the sun come up from  my kitchen window. I sit at the table with my cup of coffee and watch the island awake along with the sun.


Since I could remember, perhaps as far as High School I use to sit at a table with my coffee and stare out a window. When I lived in San Diego with my mom and dad I use to sit at the kitchen table and stare out at my dad's lemon tree. All those beautiful dark green leaves and bulbous bursts of yellow.... makes me homesick a bit to think back...

Although the window view has changed - it is still the same. I sit at my kitchen table at home and stare out my window. I can see the ocean, and hibiscus, and cows on a hill.... and most of all, the sun rising - climbing higher and higher as the island awakens.

Our days start a little later on Saturdays and Sundays and I like to sit and do a bit of hand sewing. Mostly aplique on a few Hawaiian blocks I'm working on. I tend to wake up slow in the mornings, so hand stitching with my morning cup of coffee is definitely my favorite way to wake up.

How do you like to wake up?

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